Tips for Having a Healthy Hair

Every woman wants to know the secrets to having a very healthy hair. They are trying everything in order to make their hair healthier. However, those methods that you will most likely find don’t have any effect on the health of your hair. Because of that, we have created few tips that will help you maintain the health of your hair. Unfortunately, if your hair is not healthy these tips will not help you out a lot because these tips are made for people that want to maintain the health of their hair. However, nobody is stopping you from trying it, maybe it will work for you and your hair will regain its health.

Sleeping on Silk

A lot of beauty professionals have agreed on this, they all say that it is much healthier for your hair if you sleep on silk. After all, you are sleeping at least 8 hours a day, and those 8 hours your hair is regenerating just like the rest of your body. If you are using a regular pillow, that is not made out of silk, your hair can be only damaged. Every time that you wake up and your hair is tangled up that is a sign something is wrong and you must change to silk pillows. Silk is the best material because it will provide an extremally slippery surface for your hair, therefore your hair will not get tangled up. You will be waking up with a perfect hair every time, you won’t even need to brush it.


The easiest way to maintain the health of your hair is to use a product that is made to help your hair regenerate. However, nowadays there are too many hair products and people have difficulties picking one. Furthermore, the problem with having that many different products are that you don’t know even which one is actually good for your hair and does it work. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a product that is expensive, but not everyone has that kind of money to always buy the most expensive ones. Those people then try and use some less expensive ones that they don’t even trust, but they are willing to try anything to get a healthy hair. Cheap products can sometimes even damage your hair because they are not tested and the chemicals can damage your hair permanently.

To help you avoid that situation where the product will damage your hair instead of making it healthier, we can recommend you try out the zone shonheit hair Megaspray. This product is proven to be extremally effective and it is a very quality product. You can use it on all types of hair.

Quick Drying Towel

If you go and ask any hair stylist for an advice for keeping your hair healthy, the majority of them will give you’re the same answer “use quick drying towel”. Applying heat to your hair is never good, this kind of towel will help you avoid using blow-dryers forever.

Do You Know About the Gap in Cancer Care?

We believe every cancer survivor deserves access to high quality rehabilitation.


Percentage of cancer patients and survivors who
experience physical and psychological defects that
contribute to disability and lower health-related
quality of life.


Current percentage of cancer patients and survivors
referred to rehabilitation to address physical or
deficits caused by cancer treatment.*

*Source: Based on Oncology Rehab Partners’ data on file.


We partner with hospitals and cancer centers to help them deliver excellent rehabilitation services to survivors.

Our mission is to assure every cancer survivor in the U.S. has access to high quality cancer rehabilitation services. The STAR Program is a turnkey solution that enables hospitals and cancer centers to provide reimbursable rehabilitation services to patients and survivors before, during and after cancer treatment.


How can your facility implement
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patients to improve their outcomes?

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How does rehabilitation help
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