Beauty Secrets That Only French Girls Know

Some of the most beautiful women on the planet are the French women. Why is that a lot of people have asked throughout the years, and the answer is very complicated. Nobody ever told us is there any secrets behind their beauty, we could only guess. However, now we got some very special and important information from French girls about beauty. They gave us some of the tips about the beauty, we will now want to share those secrets with you!

1.Get Rid of Blow-Dryer. The number one secret they gave us was about hair beauty. Every time you see a French girl you can recognize her instantly just because of her hair that is one of a kind. French girls get their perfect hair because they never use a blow-dryer. You have maybe heard before that drying your hair with hot air from a blow-dryer is very bad for your hair, but you didn’t believe it because your thought there can be nothing bad about hot air. However, that is a very big mistake that almost every woman does, hot air can damage your hair by a lot. It can sometimes even be the cause of your hair falling out. The French girls we have talked with said that women should never use a blow-dryer if they want a healthy hair.

2.Wash You Face with Clean Water. The second secret is about the beauty of French girls face. We asked them how they achieve that kind of a soft and clear skin. The answer was very shocking, clean water. They say that products that are made for cleaning the skin can be good, but nothing can be good as water because it will moisturize the face. The skin on your face can be extremally dry due to a lot of makeup and beauty products, therefore you have to maintain a healthy balance if you want a good-looking skin. Regularly moisturizing is extremally important especially the face.

3.Don’t Use Too Much Makeup. When we asked them to give us trucs de beaute (beauty tips), the French girls all said that too much makeup can be bad. They also said that sometimes it is much prettier when a girl uses only a little makeup. The tip that they gave us is to try and put attention on one thing and make it stand out, that way people won’t look at the other stuff. For example, put a bright red lipstick and everyone will be focusing on them instead of your eyes.

4.Use Drugstore Beauty Products. The products that most of the women use, cannot be found in a drugstore because they are not so healthy for your body. If you want to have a body like a French girl has, you must use some of the products that drugstores sell because those products are healthy for your skin. Drugstores sell a variety of beauty products, just because you don’t recognize the brand, that doesn’t mean it is not good.