How To Handle Varicose Veins


Bulging dark veins can be a real problem if you love short skirts and well cut dresses. One dresses up to look their best and bluish purple veins on their legs are definitely not on the list.

Many women suffer from varicose veins which prevents them from wearing their favorite outfits. If they have the courage to wear it, they are not spared the stares and innumerable questions.


Are you worried you may be affected by this condition? Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Sudden severe pains in your legs when you are standing for long hours
  • Swelling or feeling heaviness in your legs
  • Enlarged veins that stand out against your skin
  • Dark colored enlarged veins

The above symptoms are warning signs that your legs or veins are suffering and need immediate medical attention. Letting it go without proper care will only worsen the situation and cause the veins to enlarge further.

What To Do

  • Massage your legs regularly, to ease the blood flow through the veins
  • Avoid standing for long hours at a stretch. If your profession requires to stand continuously, try sitting for a few minutes to give your legs a break
  • Hot bags can ease the pain and help the blood flow better
  • For quick and prolonged relief, you can try Varikosette. Even those in Germany can access Varikosette in Germany and get immediate relief to your pains.
  • If you are on the heavier side, try and lose some weight. One can do a number of exercises and follow different diets to see immediate results
  • Regular exercise can improve circulation, thereby reducing the pains and swelling
  • Compression socks can also be used to feel the pressure on your feet.


So, how is this condition diagnosed? By just looking at the veins? No. An ultra sound or a Venogram is done to check the blood flow in the blood. A colored liquid is injected into the veins to see the blood flow. If the colored liquid flows easily, there is nothing to worry about. However, if the liquid does not flow through, the doctor will be able to learn where the problem actually is.

These tests also help in diagnosing and eliminating other conditions like blood clots and blocks.

Varicose veins, is not a completely repairable condition, at the same time it is not one of those diseases without a way out. Preventing and keeping this condition at bay will be very beneficial.

    Vanessa Chambers