Meal replacement shakes and protein shakes- the real differences 

The fitness industry has expanded a great deal in the recent times. No matter what your fitness goals are, you would be able to find suitable supplements to help you in your journey. But the problem is because there are too many of them and it might often be a confusing choice. You should first start by understanding the real difference between them. For example, the most confused concept is meal replacement shakes and protein shakes. Both are known to contain considerable amounts of proteins. But the effects can be strikingly different and the purpose for which they are used differs too.  

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Getting back to the difference between meal replacement and protein shakes, here are the facts that you must know: 

  1. Proteins in them: 

The protein content itself varies in both these products. Protein shakes are meant mainly for those who are looking to add more proteins, like body builders and others. Meal replacement on the other hand are known to be healthy replacements for normal meals. These contain ideal proportions of all essential nutrients and thus promote the enhancement of general health. 

  1. Fat composition: 

Meal replacement shakes are known to contain a good amount of healthy fat composition. There are those that are known to contain omega 3 and other essential fats required by the body. There are also low carb meal replacement shakes available for those who are specifically looking to cut down carbs. But in the case of protein shakes, all of them contain low fat content.  

  1. Calorie intake: 

Protein shakes are, well, protein sources. They do not have many calories and might not always be as filling as a meal. But meal replacement shakes on the other hand would contain a good proportion of calories, the amount that would be found in a normal healthy meal. This is why meal replacement shakes leave you feeling full.  

  1. Minerals and vitamins: 

Protein shakes do not have any minerals and vitamins in most cases. These are mostly made of whey proteins. But meal replacement shakes do pack these in them.  

If you are looking for healthy alternatives to normal meals, a breakfast option for those busy mornings or to curb that mid-morning hunger pang, then a meal replacement shake is what you need. If you are looking to increase muscle mass and build your body then a protein shake might be a better option.  

    Vanessa Chambers