Tips to make money when the market gets volatile

Market volatility is seen as an opportunity by various traders and a nightmare by others. What if you could learn some tricks to make money even when the market gets a little too volatile? After all, all markets tend to be volatile at some point or the other. The higher the number of movements the better are your chances of making money. This is possible if you learn to take quick decisions and look for market signals before they emerge visibly.

There are three main types of traders based on the type of tools they use and their methods. The first type is those who absolutely do not wish to lose control and so they work based on their decisions alone. The second type is the trader who is new to trading or the one that doesn’t have the time but still wants to trade. Such a trader might use automated trading tools like Crypto Code. And there is the third type of trader, the smart one, who balances a bit of both. The trader uses bots to save time when required and still verifies every single move instead of blindly going by what the bots have to offer. No matter what type of tools or methods you use, remember that all types of ups and downs and fluctuations in the market can be seen as hidden opportunities if you plan well.

Small profits can count too

Many traders simply miss those opportunities that might present small profits and focus on the big ones. But in the long run, several of the small profits accumulated can be a big deal in your account. During a highly fluctuating period in the market, there are many stocks that are likely to yield small profits.

Understand the range

Most of the time even the stocks that appear to be wildly fluctuating might have a range within which the price movements happen. Identify the range and then consider the conventional buy low and sell high strategy. Shorting at the upper extreme of the range is another way to do it.

If nothing else works there are other markets

Not all markets move in the same direction at a given point of time. So, if you are not able to understand the movements of one market or make profits in it, tap the opportunity to explore the other markets. You can also look for other trading instruments at such times.


    Vanessa Chambers