Understanding the body types based on the metabolism rate

When we talk about weight loss most of the time the focus is only on the calories. But this is not the right way to go with weight loss routines. Have you noticed that some people tend to lose weight very quickly, some do not gain weight that easily and some find it very difficult to shed the extra weight even after regular exercises? The difference here is because of the metabolism rate. Someone with a high metabolism rate would naturally find it difficult to gain weight and even if they do gain weight they lose it easily.

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Talking about the metabolism rate there are 3 main body types based on the natural rate of metabolism:

  1. Ectomorph:

If you have always been having a body weight that is below the average levels and if you have a narrow body frame then you belong to the ectomorph category. These are the people that have the fastest rate of metabolism. This makes it very difficult to gain weight. So these people tend to be skinny no matter what they eat. Heavier training would be required for ectomorphs. Weight gain supplements can also be chosen if required.

  1. Mesomorph

These are the people that are characterized by their athletic build. The metabolism rate in these people makes them accumulate fat easily. So these are the people that require intense cardio and weight training as well. It is important to take care to maintain the athletic frame as these people tend to gain muscles mass quickly. They have an asymmetric build which is similar to that of endomorphs but the fat percentage in the body would be relatively lower than that in endomorphs.

  1. Endomorph

Endomorphs have a large distinguishable body frame. These are the people whose metabolism and weight gain patterns are opposite to those of the ectomorphs. So the endomorphs gain weight too quickly. Fat deposition occurs quickly but muscle definition is not very clear. The best advice for endomorphs is to consume smaller meals at regular intervals than large meals thrice a day.

Understanding which category you belong to is important before you start your weight loss journey. This would make sure that you choose the right diet plans and exercises to achieve better results.

    Vanessa Chambers