What is the STAR Program?

The Most Effective Products for Weight Loss

Losing weight is a very complicated process that can sometimes last for a long time. A lot of people are struggling every day to lose weight. Being overweight is something that nobody wants, but people are so lazy that they cannot avoid it. People are gaining weight very fast, and when they realize how much they gained it is too late and the process of losing that weight will be very complicated. However, for those people that are struggling to lose their weight, there are some products that are made to fasten the process of weight loss. We will be now reviewing some of them that showed the best results.


Yes, you heard us right, caffeine is proven to be helpful in the weight loss process. A lot of people are using caffeine every day and they don’t even know what effect can it have. It works on a very simple principle, it will boost your metabolism by almost 10 %. Furthermore, it will increase the fat burning process by 30 %. You can find caffeine in various products, you most likely have heard of just a few like coffee or green tea. However, there are plenty of more sources of caffeine like the dark chocolate.

Chocolate Slim

This is a very special product, that is because it is a chocolate that will make you lose weight! We know it sounds bizarre and not easily believable, but you just have to trust us. A lot of research has gone into chocolate slim and it was proven that this chocolate has some very good results.

The STAR Program® Improves Patient Satisfaction, Functional Outcomes and Access to High Quality Care

The STAR Program is a turnkey solution for hospitals, cancer centers, and other providers seeking to establish an interdisciplinary, evidence-based, reimbursable oncology rehabilitation service line to improve patient outcomes, satisfaction and access to high quality care.

The Four Pillars of the STAR Program:

  • Access to care — STAR Programs use resources and proven solutions to increase patient access to rehabilitative care for cancer survivors. STAR Program Clinical Consultants provide support with referral strategies, screening tools, reimbursement trackers, marketing materials, fundraising and awareness campaigns, philanthropy kits and more
  • Patient function — STAR Programs use standardized evaluation tools, evidence-based protocols, organizational templates and resources to track patient function before, during and after the rehabilitation process. Customizable survivor education guidebooks and supplements help educate survivors and track their recovery progress at home.
  • Patient satisfaction — STAR Programs use templates for patient satisfaction surveys, trackers and other proven solutions to measure feedback, identify opportunities and drive continuous performance improvement.
  • Clinician Education — STAR Program clinicians are trained through a series of evidence-based CEU-certified modules, in-services and expert-directed webinars. Certified STAR Programs have continuous access to educational opportunities and materials including partner education supplements, CEU modules, and self-directed in-service kits. Clinicians are encouraged to engage in best practice sharing during the annual STAR Program Connection Conference and through the STAR Program Connection Blog, and Online Forum.